The current IDHEM originated from Stedenband Den Haag Warschau. This city bond had to support the democratization process and the economical and social developments in Eastern Europe. To let this relationship succeed the municipality of The Hague needed specific knowledge and expertise on Polish language, culture and functioning of the Polish society. The municipality therefore stimulated the founding of SDW in 1991, an organization of enthusiastic and involved volunteers who were the intermediaries between the two cities. In the years that followed many exchange programs and long term collaborative projects concerning culture, education, environment, healthcare, communication and religion took place between the two cities. After Poland joined the European Union on May 1 2004 Stedenband Den Haag Warschau started to slowly transform. The joining caused a increasing number of migrants from Poland moving to The Netherlands. Due to the growing Polish community in The Hague the emphasis of SDW shifted in 2007 from exchange to practical work in The Hague. Due to the fact that the foundation more and more focused on the integration of people from Central Europe, the foundation Stedenband Den Haag Warschau was formerly renamed Stichting Den Haag & Midden Europa. Since then the foundation no longer informally but also formally helps the whole community of people from Central and Eastern Europe to integrate within The Hague and contributes to the policy of the municipality concerning the integration of Central and Eastern Europeans. In 2011 the foundation gave itself a nickname; “IDHEM”, an acronym meaning ‘Integratie in Den Haag van Europese Migranten’ (translation: Integration of European Migrants in The Hague). In most Slavic languages this phonetically means something like “I am going”. With this we emphasize that the foundation is “on its way” to a better integration but also call on the EU labour migrants and the receiving communities to “go for it”.