FREE Dutch lessons

Do you want to learn Dutch? Do you live in The Hague? Do you have time from Monday till Thursday, from 8:45 till 12:00 starting 6th April till the eind of the year?

You can learn Dutch for free. Is you want more information please contact us (

You can learn Dutch for free. Is you want more information please contact us (

Bulgarian information line

Every Monday from 19:00 to 21:00, Tuesday from 11:00 to 13:00 and Thursday from 11:00 to 13:00 we provide Bulgarian information line tel. 0031-70-3658183

Support IDHEM with your vote!

IDHEM participates in the ‘ING Netherlands Fund’ action ‘Help the Netherlands Forward‘ . In this competition we can win a donation of up to € 5.000. With this donation IDHEM will organize information sessions for EU migrant workers. At these meetings, we will learn the migrants how to manage their personal issues online. IDHEM wil explain what a DigiD is and how one can use it. We explain how one can apply through internet for support, manage data for the tax authorities, arrange banking issues and we will tell what to watch out for when using your DigiD. All this information is essential for migrants to be able to arrange things by themselves and minimize dependancy on others. 

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European citizens in The Hague abandoned

European citizens who get into trouble in the Hague will no longer obtain assistance. As of January 1st, 2016, the only support available will be a one way trip to their country of origin. The previous policy, which supported people from other European countries to obtain justice and to find new perspectives, which sought the causes of their homelessness and unemployment, has been abandoned by the new local government and will end by December 31st, 2015.Continue reading

Support to home and jobless EU citizens can be done local and cheaper

The local organization Foundation The Hague & Central Europe (IDHEM) made an offer to the Elderman for Social Affairs Employment, Neighbourhood Approach and Sports to support homeless and unemployed EU citizens. As the foundation did in previous years. The foundation intends to continue its legal and practical support to EU citizens. The provided support is solidly backed by the local community and the community of EU migrants and as a result the available budget will be solely used to provide services in the municipality of The Hague.Continue reading

New consulting hours IDHEM

Migrant workers in the Transvaal who ended up in a difficult situation or need advice about working, living, health insurance, benefits, etc. are welcome to our new consulting hours. Location: Bario community center Kockstraat 175 2571TD Hague These consulting hours are realized with Zebra Foundation.