Minimum wages from 1st July 2019.

The minimum wage is lower if you are under 22. The government adjusts the amount of the minimum wage twice a year – on 1 January and 1 July – in line with changes in average collectively agreed wages in the Netherlands.

Minimum wage as of 1 July 2019

Per month, week and day

AgePer monthPer weekPer day
21 and older€ 1635,60€ 377,45€ 75,49
20€ 1308,50€ 301,95€ 60,39
19€ 981,35€ 226,45€ 45,29
18€ 817,80€ 188,75€ 37,75
17€ 646,05€ 149,10€ 29,82
16€ 564,30€ 130,20€ 26,04
15€ 490,70€ 113,25€ 22,65

Problems with your neighbours?

Do you have problems with your neighbours (yo much noise, you can not agree on the height of the fence, or a tree in your garden is to high for them)? Do you have a problem with moisture in your apartment, and the owner od your flat does not do much about it. 
You have tried to talk to your neighbours or the owner, but you can not reach an agreement and you do not want to go to the city court?

If so, you can get help from the district court, which was created thanks to the cooperation of the court in The Hague and Gemeente Den Haag.

More information:

or at the IDHEM Foundation consulates E-mail:

Happy Easter

Vrolijk Pasen, Happy Easter, Radosnych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy, Честит Великден, Boldog húsvét, Paste fericit, Зі святом Великодня, Счастливой пасхи!
Stichting Den Haag & Midden-Europa

Last chance for free Dutch language learning this year in The Hague!

Last chance for free Dutch language learning this year in The Hague! Today there was a meeting of people interested in learning the Dutch language organized by SamenHaags (Municipality of The Hague). There are still vacancies, the course starts at the end of May and will last until the end of December. Lessons will take place in groups of 15 people at different levels: A0, A1 and A2. This program is completely free but it is necessary to be determined and committed to participate in the program until the end of its duration. Classes will not take place only during school holidays (summer break: 6 weeks from 22.07-31.08, autumn break from 21-25.10 and from 23.12 Christmas break). Classes will be held 3 times a week between 8:45 – 12:00 (on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) once a week you will have to do an internship in an organization, institution or Dutch company to be able to practice Dutch.

Think about it and if you can, take advantage of the opportunity to study Dutch language in The Hague without any costs! Lessons will take place at Escampade (Escamplaan 61f) or at the SamenHaags school, s-Gravenzandelaan 185 in The Hague.

If you still have questions, write to the IDHEM Foundation e-mail:

Stichting Den Haag & Midden-Europa

Do you want to improve your Dutch?

Do you speak Dutch but you want to practice and improve your Dutch. The Laakkwartier Library (Linnaeusstraat 2, The Hague) invites every Saturday from 10:30 till 12: 00 for free conversations! Such conversations take place in 14 libraries in The Hague. Write to the IDHEM Foundation ( and you will receive a list of libraries, addresses and dates of conversations!