Do not enter the water after alcohol!

The number of drowning is increasing in the Netherlands. According to statistics, apart from swimming after use od alkohol, the frequent causes of tragedy associated with water are also overestimating of own abilities, ignorance, violation of the bathing ban and unskilful water sports.

It is worth emphasizing again that swimming under the influence of alcohol is associated with many times greater risk of drowning. Also, after a long time in the sun and sunbathing, you should not suddenly jump into the water.
Water - lakes, rivers, sea - is everywhere in the Netherlands and it is understandable that on hot summer days we are looking for refreshment on the beaches and in the lakes. Let us, however, be CAREFUL.

Going on vacations?


When leaving n vacation, do not forget to secure our apartments and houses.
You should let your family, friends or neigbours know about your plans to pick up your mail, water the flowers or sometimes turn on the light.
It is also worth thinking about safe and certified (PKVW) locks for doors and windows. Information on this subject can be found on the website of the Dutch Police:

If you notice something worrying, notify the police immediately, call 112.