Information Centre for EU Migrant Workers

Since 22 april 2014, newcomers from the European Union are able to visit the Information Centre for EU Migrants Workers at the City Hall of The Hague (Spui 70). The center is a follow-up of IDHEM’s consultation hours, which migrant workers can visit for information and assistance in the area of housing and employment. Volunteers of IDHEM gladly welcome newcomers at the information desk and offer them information about Dutch society and life in the Hague. This information is provided by a free information pack (in Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, English and Dutch) containing an information booklet about The Hague, a brochure about Dutch society and a participation declaration.

You can also visit the centre if you have a question relating to language, public information or job application training. In addition, the volunteers of IDHEM can explain why it is important that you register with the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) or take out health insurance, for example. They can also make an appointment for migrants who want to register at the BRP.