Youth Counseling at Diamant College

From August 2011 to December 2013 the foundation helped guiding students from Central and Eastern Europe work migrant families at Johan de Witt Scholengroep. The project was initiated because of signals coming from the school about youth behavioral problems within this group. On the one hand, these students face problems with integrating at their ‘new’ school and on the other they skip school and are vulnerable to drugs and alcohol abuse. The nuisance that they cause does not only confine itself to the school or at home, but it is also visible on the streets. The parents of these children work long days and they are not at home at times when their children are back from school. Due to a lack of language skills the communication between the school and these parents is extremely difficult.

Comparable problems do also occur at Diamant College. That is why, by the end of 2013 IDHEM has started a consultation and advice point at Diamant College. A youth counselor from IDHEM is present 8 hours a week to:

  • Perform youth counseling by means of conversations with the students (in cooperation with the social workers at Diamant College).
  • Analyse and provide advice to the mentoring programs 
  • To refer students (and parents) to professional aid and to communicate with the relevant organizations and aid facilities.
  • Have conversations with the parents and to enlarge their parental involvement

With this consultation and advise point IDHEM improves the learning achievements of the students from Central and Eastern Europe by tackling the problems that cause bad school achievements.