There are many homeless migrants from Central and Eastern Europe living in The Hague. Most of them become temporarily homeless due to exploitation. Since January 2012 those migrants have been denied access to the social care in The Hague. Hence, in April 2012, IDHEM started in co-operation with the Municipality of The Hague, The Central Coordinating Point, BARKA (a foundation from Poland) and the Salvation Army a project called Perspective. The foremost aim of this project is to assist these (temporarily) homeless to find work or to let them return to their home country on a voluntarily basis. For the purpose of supporting migrants from Central and Eastern Europe who have no fixed abode, IDHEM organizes consulting hours twice a week at the Julianakerk in Transvaal.

During those consultation hours a selection is made between migrants who are motivated enough to find new work and housing and migrants who have less chance in building up a future in The Hague. The selection is based upon work experience and skills. Those who are considered for guidance to work will temporarily be placed at the Salvation Army at Binckhorstlaan 51. They can stay there for maximum 8 weeks and use this time to find work. There is a limited number of beds available at the Salvation Army. If the total number of people is greater than the number of available beds, a waiting list will be introduced. 

As for the group of migrants who most probably will not be able to find work by themselves or build up a self-reliant life in the Netherlands, they will be given the opportunity to return to their country of origin (only on a voluntary base). A ticket will be bought for the migrant and IDHEM can contact family or social care in the land of origin to make sure that their return home will be easier. 

Migrants who struggle with addictions, physical or psychological problems are redirected to BARKA and/or CCP as they need special help which IDHEM can not provide.