Haagse Pandbrigade

In May 2012 IDHEM started a project in collaboration with the Haagse Pandbrigade of The Hague Municipality. The Haagse Pandbrigade works to improve the livability and safety in The Hague’s (poorer) neighbourhoods. In this project addressesare selected which have issues with housing. An enforcer of the Haagse Pandbrigade checks these addresses for problems together with an IDHEM volunteer. The volunteer helps to identify the problem and informs the residents about the investigation and its possible consequences. An significant aspect of the whole process is that the volunteer can address the residents in their own language as the selected addresses are occupied by Poles, Bulgarians or Romanians. In addition the volunteer can bring the inhabitants in contact with IDHEM if other problems or questions occur.  Beforehand the volunteers from IDHEM get a workshop from the Haagse Pandbrigade in the Municipality Den Haag.