Consultant in Social Work Training

In December 2012 IDHEM started a pilot training “Consultant in Social Work. Through a short training program we trained a selection of our volunteers to become a consultant in social work and deployed them as an intern at several social institutions in The Hague. This created the possibility to solve the current issues in a more efficient and cheap manner; instead of contacting IDHEM for help with translation or information about Central and Eastern European migrants, the social institutions would have a consultant at their own disposal. Moreover, it would improve the labor and language skills of these often highly educated volunteers and create a bigger chance to enroll in the Dutch labor market on a higher level. The pilot ended on June 6th 2013 with an expert meeting about how to improve the assistance to Central and Eastern Europeans in The Hague. During this expert meeting the students were given a certificate and the final report with findings, internship experiences, conclusions and recommendations was presented and handed to Hans van Oel (Head of department of Integration and Citizenship, municipality of The Hague).